Bokomolech - Slowburner [Hitch-Hyke, 1999]

Bokomolech is a band from Athens, Greece. The members met sometime in 1991 in the National Technical University of Athens. They started making an impression on Indie audiences in 1993, after having played at the Indie Free Festival. Their name comes from a Ukrainian physician, Alexander Alexandrovic Bogomoletz, who came up with a drug of the same name sometime in the 1950’s, supposedly postponing the aging of cells in the human body. Their debut LP was “Xero” (1995 - Lazy Dog Records, an indie label from Salonica). They later signed with Hitch-Hyke and released the E.P. “Insect (songs)”. Steve Albini was impressed by their music and invited them to Chicago to work on a record together at his own well-known studios “Electrical Audio”. The product of this collaboration was a double L.P., “Jet Lag”. Steve and Shellac fitted an extra day in their European tour that autumn, so that they could play in Athens with Bokomolech. Their next release was another E.P., entitled “Slowburner” and produced by Greek musician/producer, Coti K. “Exit: Trance” is their latest record. It was recorded during the summer of 2003, once again with Steve Albini, but this time in Iain Burgess’ Black Box Studio in rural France. It was their first record that got properly distributed abroad, in Portugal and Germany.


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