Interstellar Overdrive - Noise And Useful Objects [self-released, 2005]

The core of what was to become Interstellar Overdrive was formed around 1998 in Athens, Greece; since then little or no resemblance exists. The genre changes dramatically with every new project. In 1999's 'Battle of the Bands' contest (held in Athens) the band was awarded with the first prize leading to the realisation of the debut album (Pegasus Records, 2000; reproduced in 900 copies). From May 1999 to June 2000 Interstellar Overdrive recorded at various times a series of songs. George Priniotakis engineered all the tracks at Voices studio and Stefanos Rokos drew the cover painting of the album. From April 2002 to January 2003 the band, with a different line up this time, records a second album titled 'Surface b' again for Pegasus Records (reproduced in 600 copies). The musical style is a lot different than the debut album with influences ranging from indie to post-rock. Yet, within this album there is evidence of a more experimental and less commercial approach to music. Noam Chomsky's voice was also used with his permission. Once more George Priniotakis engineered the tracks at ArtRacks studio and Stefanos Rokos drew the paintings of the album. From May 2003 the band stabilizes its line up and records a series of pieces for different occasions. Within Spring 2003 “A short piece for the poison–man” is ‘exhibited’ along with the homonymous painting of Stefanos Rokos. The latest project the band has undertaken is music for the Art Exhibition of Stefanos Rokos in Athens (Agathi Hall of Art), November 2005, titled “Noise and Useful Objects” [1500 copies].The music was intended to accompany the catalogue of the painting exhibition consisting of a mixture of electroacoustic sound and songs divided in 9 parts. The album was recorded in Cambridge and Athens and mixed by George Priniotakis at ArtRacks studio. The music of Interstellar Overdrive has also been used in film and theatre. At the moment the band undertakes an even more experimental approach investigating alternative ways to produce music using new media (even though its members are scattered).

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  1. i believe you have posted the wrong link. can you please upload gravitysays_i, he roughest sea? thnx

  2. interstellar overdrive is one of our favs greek groups. their last album hibarnation is a really music diamond...you can listen it all at last fm through their oficial site...
    we are lucky to own Noise and Useful Objects as well with all their other albums..
    good night..
    see you in giusurum.....


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