Monika - Avatar [Archangel, 2008]

A 23 year old student from athens, greece. At the age of 5 she started playing the piano and at 10 she bought her first guitar. A little later, she joined an orchestra in order to take saxophone lessons that lasted 5 years. She can also play some accordion and drums. She used to be a member of her brother’s band “Serpentine” where she did some basic vocals and played the electric guitar. A year later, she came to Athens to study mathematics and started recording some songs in her computer. At the same time, she became a member of Relevant Box where she played the saxophone and did backing vocals. In the summer of 2005, she recorded some stuff for My Wet Calvin and in February she recorded a saxophone piece for the band MENTA. Her first single “Over the Hill” was released in early May 2008 and her debut album “Avatar” in the 19th of the same month.


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