Victory Collapse - Rumors [self-released, 2008]

Victory Collapse were formed on March of 2004 in Athens.
Their music can be described as an attempt to put together different music structures. A rather forceful rhythm section along with raw psychedelic guitar tunes and passionate sharp vocals. Post punk, punk funk, new wave, psychedelic music, rock’n’roll, noise, afro beat, greek traditional music… whatever. The band during these two years was “lucky” to perform supporting artists that more or less affected their sound such as the Liars, the Fall, Savage Republic and Radio 4. They have also performed with friends like Sinister Waltz and for the Velvet magazine with Trypanosoma. They aim to lead urban music in a more humanistic area by reintroducing primitive rhythms and melodies in a post-modern outfit. Besides, you know what they say: “In the begining there was rhythm.”


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