Flakes - Lick Your Fingers If You Like It [Inner Ear, 2008]

Consisting of experimental vocalist
Yodashe, flop guitarist Jarvis, flip guitarist Stam, bassist Velli and drummer NathAniel, Flakes’s music is a mix of angular sonics with pop structures. Inspired by the Arctic Monkeys, Bloc Party, Interpol, Blur, Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, the Libertines, Editors, Dears, Bjork, The Killers, The Kooks, Franz Ferdinand and Hard-Fi, art-punkers Flakes are a band currently based between London (United Kingdom) and Patras (Greece). The band came together in spring 2006 when Yodashe, just a few weeks before moving to London, randomly met Jarvis, resident dj in her favorite indie club in Patras. The band recorded their first demo in August 2006. Spiky, punk guitars, drumming exhibiting un-typical indie sharpness and screaming, bluesy, provocative vocal worlds are currently being recorded for the band’s debut album ‘Lick your fingers if you like it’ . The album features songs written during the band’s ‘hot hot hot’ era, when all five members practically shared one flat while rehearsing and recording the demo. ‘Lick your fingers if you like it’ establishes the band’s artistic direction trying to merge diverse influences into a hybridized alternative soundscape.

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