Various Artists - Radio Lunatica [VIM, 2008]

…….with a French twist. I opened the post over breakfast: another three page epic from Danielle, a postcard from Brian Eno, and my dear friend Phillip had sent me that long-lost press release Boards Of Canada did prior to the release of “Music Has The Right To Children”. I filled a second cup of steaming cappuccino, light a cigarette, and made my way over to the window. Outside, on the rippled blue sea of Thessaloniki’s port, a tiny red fishing boat was making its way towards the marina…….above it, low diaphanous clouds drifted slowly into the farness of the blurred horizon. I was thinking that there’s no need to have someone beside you if you want him close. The woman that I’ll fall in love with is not here and I was always wrapped in foil-too weak to walk away. Color never loses it’s rights. The Saturday morning tranquility was suddenly broken by a low frequency bleep-bleep-bleep……it was the phone……it was she and sounded very worried. At that time a man with threatening present was haunting her sleep, having the scent of black pepper. That was when the fogs wake-up, with all that strange episodes of death and love. “Hello Keith, I’ve been speaking to the lawyers and they think that Future Sound Of London story is way too risky, especially the allegations you made about it’s private lives”. I smiled to myself and spoke softly into the cream-white phone: “Please don’t upset yourself because we’ve unearthed a rather fabulous Radio Lunatica article from an ancient Jazz magazine. So, what with Paul’s bit on indie football and that piece on girls in electronica, we don’t really need The Future Sound Of London story after all....And honestly, love, who’d be that interested in their little secrets anyway?” “Radio Lunatica”, I heard her mumble. “Um, hold on, I’ll just fax the lawyers”


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  1. εντάξει τι να πω τώρα..ευχαριστώ
    περίμενα να το κερδίσω από κανέναν ραδιοφωνικό εδώ θεσσαλονικη (republic, offradio) αλλά τζίφος
    :) :)


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