Vello Leaf - Morning Star [Insight Room, 2006]

Vello Leaf is a three-piece band that started its musical journey in 1999 in the south end of Greece, Chania. Core members of the band all these years (Nikos Grivakis, Michalis Koulieris and Apostolis Lionoudakis) have always collaborated with several guest musicians who join them both on stage and in studio. As of 2005 and under the name “deep.insight”, the band had recorded two self-released handmade EPs (“Lifepoint…” in 2001, “distorted.images” in 2003) and had participated in various projects including music for theatrical plays, a various artists compilation, theme music for websites and other audiovisual projects. Vello Leaf made their brake-through in December 2006, releasing their debut-EP “Morning Star” (featuring female vocals by Alexandra Mckay Diamantopoulou) which got praising reviews from the press.


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