Blend - Misplaced [Cast-a-Blast, 2006]

Born January ’74, producer, musician, DJ George Mandas aka Blend aka Mishkin has an amazing list of releases since back in 1998 with labels like N.Y.’s Shadow records, Cooking /Good Looking, Dsofa, Pork, Gamm, Rebtuz (Tru Thoughts) and Lovemonk to name a few. Collaborations and remixes includes Natasha Atlas, Dj Spooky, Libra music, Featurecast, Bastard Jazz’s Drm, Pallyria, The Earthbound, Kbonus, The Hot 8 Brass Band and more. Up to date he has released six personal albums and three compilations. Has produce music for Tootsie Babes, Mohamed Arrafa, Fill Barry and of course Sugahspank! while more than twenty exclusive tracks are featured on compilations worldwide. Formed the Blend Sextet in 2006 a six piece band to perform his works live and co-created label/collective Cast-a-Blast with partners Sugahspank, Dj Palov, Jeff Gonzalez and designer Oxocube.


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