Cinekod - People Change Things Change You're Never Gonna Be The Same For Me [Guillotine Sound, 2008]

Cinekod formed in 2006 in Athens. The name is taken from a syrup for cough called sinecod. They had to change “s” with “c” and “c” with “k” so as to avoid any problems with copyright, or with the consumer not distinguishing the medicine for cough (sinecod) from the medicine for emotional catatonia (cinekod). Originally, there were four central band members: Emil (guitar), Kris (bass), John (vocals), and Petran (drums). Emil and Kris started playing together, later met Petran, and started regular practice sessions. With John “narrating” stories over the music, they started making recordings. Although the members had very different musical influences, from the beginning everyone had the same goal in mind: through melancholy songs, convey their emotions and feelings. The auditory result was psychedelic guitar rock; guided by hard guitar and loud, rhythic drum sounds, they made passage from grief to rage, or else from shoegaze to post rock and post punk. That summer, they gathered on the island Paros and recorded their first demo, composed of 12 tracks. The following January, a falling-out with the drummer and John’s departure from the group forced the band to cancel their upcoming live shows. The remaining Emil and Kris started writing new songs, which lacked a drummer. Serafim arrived in the summer of 2007 to complete the group. Just as enthusiastically as the first time around, they recorded a new, 11-track demo and started playing live shows. Their efforts were completed in April 2008 and the record is out October 24 by Guillotine Sound.


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