The Model Spy - The Model Spy [self-released, 2007]

The Model Spy was originally formed during the fall of 2004, when members of ex-group Paraffin wanted to set up a new project. Despite some changes that occured in the band in the time to follow, the Model Spy wrote and recorded the music for a short film by Alex Kakaniaris. The film, called "Souvenirs", was projected in the short films festivals of Denmark, Drama and the one of Athens (Opening Nights). After a one-year break due to members' liabilities, the Model Spy wrote and recorded the music for another short film by Nikoleta Leousi. Having a bunch of new ideas, the Model Spy recorded the first demo as well, during the winter of 2006-2007 and are about to do more..



  1. excellent band and ep! i read that they released a second ep, but i didn't manage to find it at vm. so, do you have it? is there any chance that you could upload whatever you may have from this awesome band? thnxx

  2. i will post the model spy's 'dna' ep as soon as possible. stay tuned!


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