An Orange End - Lego [Inner Ear, 2009]

An Orange End is a band with all it’s members originating from Tripolis, Greece. The band have also listed themselves in being also located in Patras and Athens, Greece. They released their first work through their promotional single “Skyline Playgrounds”, which included three songs: “Urban Sights”, “Murder the Lonely” and “Dance”. Having the most positive reviews amongst various bands and their populairty spread, the band quickly became a fine supporting act and opener for other great Greek artists in their live concerts. Soon they had their own concerts out of Greece and their fame to be spread abroad. The band had participated in the Coca Cola Soundwave Vol.2 in 2007 and they won in the Radar Coke Competition with their video clip “Murder the Lonely”, created by Anna Xiao. Their debut album “Lego” was released in 23rd February by Inner Ear Records.

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  1. This is a really beautiful album. Thank you so much...


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