Naono - Tumbleweed Tracks [CCT, 2008]

Naono aka Antonis Simeonidis is a recording artist, producer based in Athens, Greece. The music he creates blends melodic soundscapes and atmospheres with sliced and glued organic rhythms. Image creating music inspired from everyday sounds and surroundings. Grown up in a music friendly environment, he started to experiment with music instruments and recording techniques at the age of 14. After graduating from a “Music Technology” course in the U.K. he released his first musical output in 2002. "Ati pol" a 4-track Ep release on the Vibrant Music Label, followed by a full-length CD album "Slope Drifting" (2003), on the same label. Around the same period he started to perform live sets at various venues & festivals including: Synch festival (GR), Podewil (Berlin), Bios (GR), Musicday festival (GR), Small music theatre (GR) and others.


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