Spyweirdos - Ten Numbers [Creative Space, 2008]

Ten numbers is the title and ten fully emotional sonic landscapes, in a combination of minimal glitch electronica and acoustic instrumentation. In this album Spyweirdos leaves behind 4×4 beats and his flirting with minimal techno throwing all the weight, instead, in the depth of sound and atmosphere with smart transitions from acoustic to electronic sound collages. As in his previous work, the acoustic parts are not samples or pre-recorded parts, but themes written and recorded for the tracks. This marriage of acoustic and digital electronic takes place with extreme virtuosity, with the result being full of contradictions, bringing in mind the transition between day and night, hope and desperation, something obvious also through the videos which oscillate between black and white, light and darkness. The landscape is at times familiar, at others unknown and distant, a point where past and future meets…


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