Various Artists - Try A Little Sunshine [Pop Art, 1999]

This compilation contains 18 songs of the greek indie pop scene and covers the period of the last 2 decades. Unknown treasures from the english-speaking "unrecognized" music of our country, 14 groups that worked underground, 10 unreleased songs, 6 songs from "sold out" releases, a compilation that could o­nly be put in the files, but we were mistaken! The first reviews show that the people that are writing and playing music in the neighbourhoods of Athens, Salonica and Patra, have the inspiration and the power to stand equally next to the traditionally "big" scenes of the particular music style. Influenced by the new wave of the last decade or the pop aesthetic of the legendary Sarah Records together with the influence of the new electro-pop sounds, these guitar pop melodies create a soundtrack for sunny afternoons o­n a beach or even for full moon nights o­n a terrace under the city clamour.
Groups like Impossible Tymes, O­ne Night Suzan, Next Time Passions, The Jaywalkers, Raining Pleasure, Groove Machine, Sound Devise, The Mute, Starblind, Protest March, Kissamatic Lovebubbles, Common Sense, The Crooner, Love Exotics gave all their cheerfulness and (by simply smiling) we suggest: Try A Little Sunshine!


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