Gravitysays_i - The Roughest Sea [Sirius, 2007]

The group gravitysays_i was created in the March of 2003 by Manos Paterakis and Nikos Retsos at the home studio of the latter in Piraeus with a view to embellishing with melodies their expectations, their lives, in a country which devours it’s children and the quality of being different, as the two creators perceive it. Their maiden appearance in the record industry, released by Sirius, comprises nine musical pieces, inspired by the egoism, the vanity and the aloofness of the contemporary man… A concept album of non-stop performance, where the electronic element meets the traditional instruments, while the minimal norms follow a general pop-rock current. Despina Stamati (voices) and Dimitris Chadjimitros (bass) have helped in the creation of "The roughest sea" and whose dynamic presence led to the accomplishment of debut album.


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