Blend aka Mishkin - Sudden Death (A Field Guide To) [Cast-a-Blast, 2009]

Blend (also known as Mishkin), ends up locking himself in the studio for three months with his mpc sampler, a big stack of records, loads of spoken words on vinyl (in fact this album is a paradise for the spoken word nerd), a turntable, a microphone…and in come the mc’s: BNC (Jeff Gonzalez), Elephant Phinix followed by The Kidd and Taki Tsan to add a personal spirit to his music! Other collaborations in the album include vocalist & keyboardist Serotone of Duke Abduction, guitarist Kill Emil of Cinecod, human beatbox Bitman, mythical punk rocker Stink, producer Strider and keyboardist Yiannis Dimitriadis of the Happy dog project. The beats are created by chopping a vast collection of sounds and music from vinyls and other external sources such as a casio 20 euro keybord, sirens, generators and music toys. Much detail is put by cutting, scratching and mixing bits of live shows, spoken words, comedy, horror and cartoons. The result is surely mindblowing with a flowing tracklist which sequels as if to tell a story. Sudden Death is an album with the philosophy of a mixtape, which was Blends idea in the first place, but manages to leave a complete musical stigma which is sure to hook its listeners up.



  1. poly kalos diskos!
    epaize thn paraskeuh sthn avramiwtou e?

    p.s:yparxei periptwsh na vroume to kainourio dread astaire?

  2. dread astaire syntoma
    stay tuned

  3. Hello.Evgale kainourio album o Melorman.Pws tha ginei na to vroume......?


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