Inverz - Slow [Phantom Channel, 2009]

Inverz is Thessaloniki-born Savvas Metaxas, who runs the excellent Granny Records stable. 'Slow' is the third Inverz release to date, a suite of four meticulously crafted long-form compositions that transcend the standard notions of Ambient/Drone. 'Everything In Order' bathes in dreamy reverb, like Labradford or Chihei Hatakeyama at their most thoughtful. The title track tantalizingly weaves fretboard scratches, human breath and flickers of static round cut and spliced guitar recalling Fridge at their most experimental. The slide-rule attention to detail of both book ending pieces ('Home End' & 'New Found Lands, New Found Sounds', on the other hand, shows why Metaxas was hand-picked to collaborate with Greg Haines and perform with Machinefabriek. A very fine piece of work indeed..


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