Larry Gus - Stitches [Cast-a-Blast, 2009]

Panagiotis Melidis (born and grew up in Veria, Greece) started to write music as Larry Gus (larigas: greek for throat, larynx) in 2006, inspired by the rural enviroment of his hometown. His early influences have been Creedence Clearwater Revival and Minor Threat. He had been member of the seminal bass and drums duo Ginger, fusing hardcore punk aesthetics and hip hop beats. When Ginger broke up, he started composing music for TV commercials, which were in fact his first works as Larry Gus. Later on, he got his name due to some chaotic live perfomances, incorporating live looping techniques in an improvised pop manner. He has played alongside Caribou, Ariel Pink, !!!, Deadbeat, John Maus, Mike Slott and has also participated at the 2nd Athens Biennial and 2nd Nuit Blanche à Metz. Recently, he has resided at the Music Technology Group of Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona (Reactable, Freesound) as a postgraduate student.


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