B-sides - Story Without End [B-otherSide, 2010]

The band B-sides is the evolution of the music journey of a company of friends that started at the end of 1999. After approximately 5 years of live gigs, live club appearances and song recordings that group broke up. The two guitarists and bass player decided to continue with a new drummer and no singer. After changing their drummer and a few months later adding a singer, B-sides found the sound and personal style they desired and decided to get it out to the public. In December 2008 B-sides' first official release comes from B-otherSide Records. A limited edition 7 inch vinyl single entitled "Queen" in special vinyl mastered form. Another 7 inch vinyl single followed, entitled "Kill", leading to the release of the band's debut album "Story Without End", once again by B-otherside Records.

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