Expert Medicine - Perfect Maniac [The Sound Of Everything, 2010]

After a four year absence from discography, Expert Medicine return with new material and a completely new sound proposal. "Perfect Maniac" comprises nine new songs, a rework of the older "Chase", as well as a remix. Their sound maintains in the background the rock-funk and acid jazz influences of the past, embracing a strong contemporary pop mood and retro electro dance forms. Babis Kourtaras on bass and vocals, Andeas Siourounis on drums and vocals, Alexis Zamparas on guitars and Tom Pitikakis/Dj Everlast on the decks and samplers, are the four musicians who along with sound engineer Akis Paschalakis, are the Expert Medicine of 2010. Along with them, Stella Chronopoulou, that gives her special voice and unique style to two tracks.





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