Mary's Flower Superhead - Sway [Shift, 2010]

They started playing under the current line up in 2003. After three years of rehearsals, studio work and plenty of live gigs in Thessaloniki and Athens (Greece) they released their first self titled album in January 2006 from Polytropon rec. That album was clearly influenced by the American indie, post punk scene which was the main influence of the band at that time as well. Meanwhile the band was constantly experimenting on their sound introducing more groovy elements to their music. In 2007 they recorded two new tracks (Tokyo and No second chances) that created a high anticipation for the band’s new album. So in October 2008 the band started recording their new material and the new album named "Sway" is completed and realeased on the 1st of March 2010. The sound of the album could very easily be characterised as disco-punk since the disco beat, the groovy basslines and the distorted quitars strike your ear from the very begining of it.





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