Gloire Carton - Stop Poking My Balloon [self-released, 2010]

Gloire Carton is a music artist from Athens, Greece. She was a member of the band Couch Potatoes until their dissolution in 2007. After that, she decided to start a solo project of hers, going by the moniker “GloryBox”. Soon enough, she had her first works uploaded in her myspace webpage and organizing her first solo gigs. In 2008 she compiled some of her recordings into CD, thus making it an album of her works named Unzip My Ventilated View. Near the end of 2009 she dropped the “GloryBox” moniker and adopted the present naming of “Gloire Carton”. In her live show performances she’s always supported by her friendly session members. Nalyssa and Tonti Prodnic are the most recognized. In July 2010, Gloire Carton released her second album Stop poking my balloon. From now on Gloire Carton won’t be a solo project but a band. Thieves and Kid_A are the new members and there’s one more to be added soon…

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