Dread Astaire - Take Time To Hate Me [Fuzzie, 2006]

Sonically striking, hard to categorize, and burdened by the failure of their country’s any positive disposition towards oddity, Dread Astaire are indeed fascinating-and full of paradox. They crave to be heard; yet, they chose to launch their own Fuzzie label in order to record and distribute a series of vinyl releases, in an era dominated by i-Poddity. They nod to ambition; still, their ambition’s accomplishable through shitty rehearsal rooms and scrappy concert spaces. Indeed, Dread Astaire often admire each other too much to care about recognition. They respect no expressional boundaries, spanning blues, noise, punk, repetition, improvisation, straight-out rock’n’roll, and more. However difficult it is to give an accurate definition of their cultural location, we can clearly inscribe them in one importand genre: Fuzzbass. Fuzz is about surface, fuzzbass about depth. Fuzz about pleasure, fuzzbass about intensity. Fuzz about the spirituality of electricity, fuzzbass about reaching out to you. But are you gonna be there?


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