S.ink - Time And Timing [Poeta Negra, 2003]

S.ink is a musicians' collective, whose members make music through communicative interaction and freeform improvisation. Thus, the music of this first album is essentially a careful selection of many hours worth of improvisation.
Time and Timing captures a specific period in the band's course and its respective moods. And that is why the album was chosen to be recorded live in the band's own studio. Of course, S.ink's skillful and tight performance does not let us realise immediately that this is the final outcome of a live (and not multitrack or step-by-step and processed) recording. For this reason their live performances have always been considered exciting, special and unique. S.ink act within an uneasily defined musical environment, but which contains significant references to various musical styles that marked the evolution of contemporary music: at times, it incorporates the intellectualism and exploratory mood of kraut rock, the jazzy moods of the Chicago scene, the solitary feeling of ambient music, the psychedelic nuances of 'cosmic' music, the melancholic and dark atmosphere of post rock.


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