Dread Astaire - Hipbeat/Bassassination [Fuzzie, 2006]


The very first trip, recorded in January-February 2006 at Simultané Studios, Thessaloniki. Two totally different sounds that you can hardly compare. A bouncy, danceable groove over sing-along, shake- it-up-baby detached vocals filtered through tons of Big Muff fuzz pedal and unbearable feedback. As a souvenir of the sessions, Dread Astaire managed to acquire daily doses of sub-existance in one of the city’s most degraded regions, where the sum of three euros could buy you a headache in the form of a glass full of unidentifiable vodka. Yet, who knows, this kind of social interventations may echoed in the band’s performance in a way that “Hipbeat” could not have happened elsewhere.

In Thessaloniki, Dread Astaire soon began to attract attention through continuous gig- ging, sometimes with acts as prestigious as the local 2L8 and NYC’s the Liars. In March 12, the trio left a highly succesful performance along the mighty Fall to begin work on their b-side, “Bassassination”. Attacking their instruments with such enthusiasm that any kind of self-restraint was unimaginable, they dumped the song’s rollicking bass riff not before 7 minutes, 45 seconds of recording time. In fact, the very record bestowed upon you was initially intented as a seven-inch, but even the thought of editing the performance to a shorter version was out of the question. It was such fun!


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