Mary & The Boy / Felizol - Timemachine [Inner Ear, 2009]

One year after their subversive debut, Mary and The Boy come back with an album that vindicates the rave notices they received from both the critics and public. Their second emprise-accomplished in co-operation with producer Felizol (G. Beslemes) - goes by the name of “Timemachine” and is released by Inner Ear. Thirteen tracks that blend various music styles beckon the listener to a time travel through the discharge of human compulsion. Mary and the Boy leave behind their intensely dramatic and burlesque features, daring an experiment that incorporates the principals of modern electronic sound aided by expert Cristian Vogel in mastering.

The homemade aesthetic, Mary’s crude voice and the Boy’s piano-playing meet and eventuate in a less dark outcome. The plainly scary mood of their debut has faded and is superseded by pop melodies expressed in a new-wave manner , indicated in tracks like ‘No more bad trips for little Mary’ and ‘Are you still dancing can can?’.As expected, raw and noisy patterns are not absent in this album, with Mary and the Boy diving into the far-out world of tracks ‘Cock’ and ‘Death’.
“Timemachine” is a demanding album, that needs to lend an ear in order to reach its core. The pervasive authenticity and creativeness that rise to prominence through the 13 compositions in this record will make it one of the most worth mentioning albums of 2009!

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