Byron's Girlfriend - The River Flows Like [Non O' Clock, 2008]

Byron’s Girlfriend started as a solo act from Byron (Neon) in his teens. He released the 7" 'Hey Beauty/Belissa' single in Pop Art Records (2000). The idea was to make simple pop songs. Soon, Makis P. (ex–Next Time Passions, ex–Impossible Tymes, ex-Crooner and Hyplar) joined him, after having undertaken the production of the first Byron’s Girlfriend album, 'Between The Blue And Green' in Olon Music (2002). The album gained positive reviews from the local press. In 2003 there was a collaboration of Byron's Girlfriend with Steve Wynn (ex-Dream Syndicate) for the cover of Family's 'Dame Estrellas O Limones' song in the 'Aberraciones Telescopicas Vol. 2' by Pueblo Records compilation. Over the years, they have performed in several places in Athens. They supported Perry Blake at An Club, played with Fosca, the Real Tuesday’s Weld, the Occasional Flickers etc.

Byron’s Girlfriend have just completed their second album, produced by Makis P. which is far more electronic than the previous releases and far more exciting.


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