The Prefabricated Quartet - Side The Sail [RunDevilRun, 2007]

The Prefabricated Quartet, from Thessaloniki, Greece, are Michael Sionas (bass, double bass, voices), Dimitris Tasoudis (drums), Theodore Papadimitriou (cello), and cmyk (electric guitar). They composed, arranged and performed the music for some short films. The films that carry the sounds of the Prefabricated Quartet are: Tempest (2003), Protection (2005), Mines (2006), directed by Christos Nikoleris, The Cat (2005), Single String of Pearls (2006), directed by Vassilis D. Kehagias, In Music (2006), directed by Aris Kotronis. They formed the Prefabricated Quartet in order to perform and communicate their film music live and also to write songs based on it. The Prefabricated Quartet rehearses, composes and sometimes records its music in a prefabricated house in the woods. The Prefabricated Quartet’s album "Side the Sail" contains parts of the music that has been used in the soundtracks of some short films, and some songs inspired by the same musical components. Side the Sail was released by RunDevilRun records in January 2007 in a handmade carton package.


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