Elica - Asymmetrica [VIM, 2007]

Elica was formed by Giorgos Grigorakos and Fotis Karaoglanis in Athens in 2003. They have presented “nekyia” and “to taxidi twn xartaetwn” (the journey of the kites). Within these two projects, Elica experimented while combining electronic live performance and video art. Also they have composed a soundtrack for Sarah Kane’s play “blasted” which was presented in Thessaloniki in 2005 for the first time. They have performed as support group with K Bhta all around Greece. They have participated with their own remix (‘to skyli’) in “movement sessions - a tribute to K Bhta”. Their first album called “Asymmetrica” and released by V.I.M. records.



  1. Really good job Goo.
    I think we have met in the past during the days of Sonic Playground. You were the editor, no ?
    Check out my blog : urbantropicalia.blogspot.com
    All the best.

  2. Link is gone...Could you reactivate please ? Thanks...


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