Your Hand In Mine - Every Night Dreams [Inner Ear, 2008]

Your Hand In Mine consists of two students from Thessaloniki, Greece. Manos Milonakis plays wurlitzer piano, melodica, toy piano, and does the programming, while George Papadopoulos plays some guitar shaped toy synth, mandolin, glockenspiel hits random objects in his rythmic kit. The project came out from members of the post-rock band Shortcat in late 2006, giving them the opportunity to express their love to acoustic instruments, french folk songs and street musicians. With a constantly growing collection of custom, toy instruments and machines, Your Hand In Mine act as live-looping based duet, willing to present a new-romantic, deeply personal sense of chamber music. In the summer of 2007 they composed original music for Mikio Naruse’s silent masterpiece Every Night Dreams which they presented live at Thessaloniki’s International Film Festival in November. Every Night Dreams is officially released by Inner Ear label.

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